How to add NTFS support to Clarkconnect 4.2

This is how I added NTFS support to my home server running Clarkconnect 4.2 Community Editon:

1- Ssh to your server as “root”.

2- apt-get update

3- apt-get install cc-devel

4- uname -r (may or may not be necessary to check if your kernel version is same as mine!)

5- apt-get install

6- apt-get install kernel-sourcecode

7- wget 

8- tar xvfz fuse-2.7.2.tar.gz

9- cd fuse-2.7.2

10- ./configure –enable-kernel-module –exec-prefix=/

11- make

12- make install

13- cd ..

14- wget

15- tar xvfz ntfs-3g-1.2129.tgz

16- cd ntfs-3g-1.2129

17- ./configure –exec-prefix=/

18- make

19- make install

That’s it! Now my CC box reads and writes to NTFS formatted hard drives perfectly.